Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance

Heritage Matters – really

Australia’s heritage assets hold meaning for all citizens regardless of state and territory borders and legislation. Heritage assets, shared by all citizens, have immense value – cultural, environmental, economic and social.

The Palace Theatre, Melbourne. Demolished  2016.

Currently there is no effective heritage policy on any political agenda to preserve, manage and fund Australia’s heritage assets.

Heritage issues are seldom to be found on any political agenda. All over Australia, heritage assets are being lost, or are in jeopardy. Irreplaceable losses continue to occur. Much is at stake.

The independent Samuel Review in October 2020 found that the EPBC Act was inadequate and has failed. Although the EPBC Act has primacy across the three levels of government, it does not provide for the obligations prescribed under UNESCO and the World Heritage Charter. The EPBC Act and its operation requires fundamental reform. The system is clearly broken.

Corkman Hotel, Carlton

Upcoming Victorian Election Opportunity

The 2022 Victorian Election presents a critical opportunity for heritage stakeholders and heritage enthusiasts all around Victoria to influence the State political agenda. Across the political spectrum, elections effectively focus the attention of political parties and aspirant candidates upon matters which they perceive aware will resonate with the voters.

The 2022 Victorian State Election is scheduled to be held on 26 November 2022 to elect the 60th Parliament of Victoria. All 88 seats in the Legislative Assembly (lower house) and all 40 seats in the Legislative Council (upper house) will be up for election. In total 128 seats. 

The AHAA (Victoria) campaign aims to make sure all State candidates are aware of key heritage issues.

A reminder that AHAA is an ‘alliance’ of those for whom heritage really matters and is not aligned with any political party. AHAA is determined to ensure that heritage issues are firmly on the policy agenda of ALL political parties and on the personal ‘radar’ of ALL candidates competing in the electorates across Victoria.

AHAA (Victoria) is determined to:

  • Raise awareness of all candidates in the 2022 Victorian State Election that Heritage Assets may have cultural, environmental, economic
  • Advocate for the formation of a State Ministry for Heritage
  • Advocate for additional sources of funding heritage projects including the establishment of Victorian Heritage Lottery and Foundation so that the preservation of Victoria’s Heritage Assets is properly funded.

AHAA ran a campaign to raise awareness of all candidates in the 2022 federal election about national heritage asset issues, heritage policy deficiencies, heritage asset losses, threats – and importantly propose workable solutions. 

AHAA recognises the unique importance of Indigenous heritage assets to their communities. Although such heritage assets are respected and valued by all citizens, protection, and conservation of these assets must be guided by the views of Indigenous communities.

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