AHAA 2022 Victorian Election Campaign Strategy

There are two aspects to the AHAA (Victoria) Campaign Strategy

Eastern Market, Bourke Street, Melbourne. Demolished 1960.
(Photo: Clifford Williams, c.1900-1910)

1. Contact by email all Victorian heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations in the heritage sector and individual enthusiasts.
2. Contact all registered candidates in the 128 Victorian state electorates (Upper & Lower House) and request response to Candidates Heritage Survey.

Responses and failure to respond will be lodged on the AHAA website.

Given Victorian State Government and State agencies have key roles and responsibilities involving heritage protection and management, in the lead-up to the November Victorian State election, the AHAA (Victoria) campaign will work with Planning Democracy and other like-minded heritage stakeholder groups to work towards planning and heritage policy reform to establish genuinely effective planning and heritage protection.

Heritage stakeholders and those registering their support for the AHAA (Victoria) campaign will exert influence by:

1. Emailing the AHAA (Victoria) campaign a list of Heritage Asset Losses / Assets under threat in their local area.

2. AHAA (Victoria) supporters will contact all candidates in their particular electorate at every opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness about the actual value of Heritage Assets in Victoria – social, cultural and economic value
  • The significance and vulnerability of heritage assets in Victoria
  • The absence of adequate effective state heritage policy
  • Refer the solutions identified by AHAA
AHAA Victorian Election Campaign Rollout
Pre-election – September 2022
  • Initial email contact with heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations and individual thought-leaders to explain the AHAA (Victoria) Campaign Objectives and Strategy requesting that they alert their members to the AHAA (Victoria )campaign and requesting that they add to the AHAA (Victoria) catalogue by identifying their particular heritage concerns and details of local Heritage Losses and Threats
  • Initiate contact with political parties and independents
  • Initiate media engagement directed at raising awareness of AHAA (Victoria) campaign with parties, independents, current politicians, candidates and the public
  • Take any opportunities to influence candidates, parties, independents
When Victorian Election Date is Announced and Candidates registered with VEC:
  • Second email contact with heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations and individual thought-leaders in the heritage sector specifically calling on them to make contact with local candidates to raise heritage issues
  • Request again information on Heritage Asset Losses or Threatened
  • Initiate AHAA (Victoria) contact with all candidates to request a response to AHAA (Victoria) Survey
  • Lodge Candidate Responses on AHAA website
  • Second email contact with political parties and independents re AHAA (Victoria) Survey
Contact Media
  • Email or call all media
  • Submit OpEd pieces
  • Request interviews on radio
  • Write media releases
Register Your Interest

Register to become part of the Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance – simply email your contact details to: info@ahaa.net.au