About AHAA

What is the Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance (AHAA)?

Sirius public housing, under threat.
NSW State govt. refused to protect heritage listing.

Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance was formed to raise awareness about the value of heritage assets and to influence the heritage policy agenda at a key political moments.

AHAA has no membership base. It is simply an alliance of concerned heritage stakeholders and enthusiasts – organisations, groups, networks, individuals, etc.– all sharing a serious concern that currently there is no effective national heritage agenda to preserve, manage and fund our Australian heritage assets.

Elections are opportunities to exert influence on politicians and policies. The 2022 federal election presented an opportunity to trigger policy reform in this completely deficient but nationally significant policy area. Reference to national heritage assets is absent from the political agenda. The upcoming 2022 Victorian election presents an opportunity to advocate for heritage on a State level.

As the AHAA logo states, AHAA is working to Protect Australia’s Heritage – to stem the loss of our national heritage assets which is happening all over Australia while politicians look away.

Unlike our political representatives, the Australian people do understand that heritage assets have cultural, economic and social value. They do understand the urgent need for political reform to preserve our national heritage.

And importantly they vote.

Opportunities in 2022

To advocate to heritage stakeholders and electoral candidates in the lead up to state and federal elections:

  • the 2022 Victorian Election (upcoming in November 2022)
  • the 2022 Federal Election (May 2022)

For more detail on our analysis and campaigns see:

Register Your Interest

Register to become part of the Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance – simply email your contact details to: info@ahaa.net.au