Federal Election AHAA Candidate Survey Responses

The AHAA Candidate Survey has been emailed all candidates in the 2022 Australian Federal Election.

AMP Chambers. Demolished 1972 (Museum of Perth)

All candidates were asked to respond to the following statements:

Statement 1: I recognise that Australia’s heritage assets hold meaning for all citizens regardless of state and territory borders and heritage assets embrace many forms.

Statement 2: I recognise that Australia’s heritage assets have shared national ‘value’ – economic, cultural, social and environmental. 

Statement 3:  I recognise that the level of funding allocated to preserve or protect national heritage assets is inadequate and this results in irreplaceable heritage asset loss.

Statement 4: I am aware of the successful UK Heritage Lottery Fund and Foundation that has achieved immense public support and has delivered significant social, cultural and economic benefit.

Statement 5: I support the establishment of an Australian Ministry for Heritage dedicated to the management and protection of our shared heritage assets. 

Electorates and Candidate Responses

  • Candidates who respond to AHAA will be listed in BLACK.
  • Candidates who fail to respond to AHAA will be listed in RED.
    RED (no response) indicates a lack of support for Heritage Reform.

Register Your Interest

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