AHAA 2022 Federal Election Campaign Strategy

There are two aspects to the AHAA Campaign Strategy

AMP Chambers. Demolished 1972 (Museum of Perth)

1. Contact by email all heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations in the heritage sector and individual enthusiasts.
2. Contact all registered candidates in the 151 federal electorates and request response to Candidates Heritage Survey.

Responses and failure to respond will be lodged on the AHAA website.

Heritage stakeholders and those registering their support for the AHAA campaign will exert influence by:

1. Emailing AHAA listing examples of Heritage Asset Losses or Assets under threat in their particular geographic area or their particular heritage area of interest and concern: info@AHAA.net.au  The AHAA catalogue will be evidence of the national problem.

2. When the 2022 election is called, AHAA supporters will  contact all candidates in their particular electorate at every opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness about Heritage Asset value in Australia.
  • The significance and vulnerability of heritage assets in Australia
  • The absence of adequate effective federal heritage policy
  • Adverse impact of federal cost-shifting under the guise of devolving responsibilities to States
  • Refer the ‘solutions identified by AHAA

AHAA Federal Election Campaign Rollout

Pre-election – February 2022
  • Initial email contact with heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations and individual thought-leaders to explain the AHAA Campaign Objectives and Strategy requesting that they alert their members to the AHAA campaign and requesting that they add to the AHAA catalogue by identifying their particular heritage concerns and details of local Heritage Losses and Threats  
  • Initiate contact with political parties and independents
  • Initiate media engagement directed at raising awareness of AHAA campaign with parties, independents, current politicians, candidates and the public 
  • Take any opportunities to influence candidates, parties, independents
When Election Date is Announced and Candidates registered:
  • Second email contact with heritage stakeholders including peak bodies, organisations and individual thought-leaders in the heritage sector specifically calling on them to make contact with  local candidates to raise heritage issues
  • Request again information on Heritage Asset Losses or assets in jeopardy
  • Initiate AHAA contact with all candidates to request a response to AHAA Survey
  • Lodge Candidate Responses on AHAA website
  • Re-contact AHAA with political parties and independents
Contact Media
  • Email or call all media
  • Submit OpEd pieces
  • Request interviews on radio
  • Write media releases
Post-Election Report, June 2022

During the weeks leading up to the Federal Election, the Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance (AHAA) contacted 3000+ heritage stakeholders around the nation – twice.

Closer to the election date AHAA emailed 1300+ candidates requesting that they respond to the attached AHAA Survey, when candidates commenced talking to constituents in earnest, AHAA again emailed heritage stakeholders encouraging then to speak to candidates about heritage reform.

AHAA then sent a second email to all candidates reminding them to complete the AHAA survey. AHAA deliberately targeted candidates because such people are most likely to be active and influential in their community beyond the election period.  

A reminder: The AHAA Campaign Survey had four objectives

  • Ensure that heritage matters featured on the federal election political agenda –   all candidates were contacted
  • Raise awareness amongst candidates that so much our heritage assets is being squandered – Survey information
  • Propose changes which have been successful elsewhere – Survey information
  • Call for urgent reform of federal heritage policy- Survey elicited response from candidates

AHAA is hopeful that every candidate and their various Teams receiving an AHAA email will now better understand the significance of genuine heritage protection. Although there was universal support for a dedicated Ministry of Heritage, the AHAA proposal for national heritage lottery to generate adequate funding for heritage protection met with interest, many candidates said they would need to investigate the UK model further post-election.    

Once the election results were known, AHAA sent a congratulatory email to each of the 151 elected candidates the House of Representatives reminding them of Survey responses in relation to AHAA proposals and any commitments made.  Once successful Senate candidates are declare, AHAA will send congratulatory emails making reference heritage policy reform.

AHAA will proactively advocate for the urgent  implementation of a  heritage policy reform agenda with the responsible Minister once announced. We are advised that although major Ministries are settled supporting ministerial roles may change before Parliament resumes in July.

An election looms in Victoria – November 2022

Given State Government and State agencies have key roles and responsibilities on heritage protection, in the lead-up to the November Victorian State election, AHAA will be working with Planning Democracy and other like-minded heritage stakeholder groups  to work towards planning and heritage policy reform to establish genuinely  effective planning and heritage protection

Register Your Interest

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